Samantha Wells – July 24, 2012 open mic hostess

Born and raised in Italy, Samantha’s exposure to music began early in life. As a young child, listening to her father playing the Spanish Romance on the guitar always put a big smile on her face and, according to her mother, made it easier to spoon feed her:).

In addition, her household music library included Broadway songs, Italian Opera and Operetta, American and Italian songwriters, jazz… which taught her to be receptive to most genres.

While attending school, Samantha studied classical guitar with Sergio Notaro at the Centro Romano della Chitarra in Rome. Intrigued by hard rock as a teenager, she taught herself electric guitar, initially generating conflicts with her quiet-loving neighbors, and eventually becoming the lead guitarist in an Italian pop band called Rouge Dada, who recorded with BMG Ariola and toured extensively around Italy.

Samantha later studied jazz, blues and fusion with Rodolfo Maltese and Gabriele Spano, two widely renowned Italian guitarists, while at the same time re-exploring the classical guitar.

After graduating in Foreign Languages at the University of Rome, Italy, Samantha moved to the United States, where she’s lived ever since and where she worked in marketing and public relations for several years before returning to being a full-time guitarist. She’s also an Italian voice-over talent for the corporate, technology and medical field.

Samantha has performed in public masterclasses for Laura Oltman, Victor Villadangos, Jorge Caballero. She has performed at the Fourth Annual Spring Concert at Rose Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC, and she’s a performer and co-host of the Sierra Nevada Guitar Festival and Competition. A student of Emanuele Cintura Torrente of Conservatory Cherubini in Florence, Italy and Joao Luiz Lopes, of Brazil Guitar Duo, she performs at private and public venues throughout the US.