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Hindu scriptures: Veda • Scottish valley: glen •broad moun­ • Islamic scriptures: Koran • Sikh tain valley: strath • mountainous scriptures: Adi Granth effective 500mg cenmox antibiotics and milk, Granth order cenmox 500 mg on line antibiotics for dogs cost, part of Scotland: Highlands • Scot­ Granth Sahib cenmox 500 mg lowest price antibiotic you take for 5 days. Zoroastrian scrip­ tish chicken and leek soup: cock­ tures: Avesta a-Ieekie • Scottish soup of meat and sculpture. Indian •sew over a raw edge of cloth: over­ servant operating a large ceiling fan: cast, overlock, oversew •sewing punkah wallah making a decorative grid across the servility •showing servility: obse­ cloth: quilting. British government irre­ shareholders: rights issue, scrip deemable fxed-interest securities: issue. Aican fly chetto • skullcap worn by male causing sleeping sickness: tsetse Orthodox Jews: yarmulke slice. South Afri­ duce: dynamic range • free-standing can native club: kierie, knobkerrie components of a sound-reproduction • South African term fo r a ford: drif system: separates •turntable and • open grassland in South Africa: veld pickup mechanism: deck •vertical arrangement of sound-reproduction. Jewish ma­ sensation: giddiness, vertigo ospin­ levolent spirit: dybbuk 0 person ning device separating substances of posssessed by an evil spirit: demoniac diferent densities: centrifuge 0 pin odrive out evil spirits: exorcize used in spinning: spindle o theological study of the spirit word: pneumatology ospirit of the age: spinach o spinach in Greek cuisine: zeitgeist ospirit of a culture: ethos spanako 0spinach in Indian cuisine: o denoting spiritual guidance: pas­ saag toral spine 0outward curvature of the spine: kyphosis 0 inward curvature spirits osmal measure of spirits: of the spine: lordosis o lateral curva­ dram, tot 0 place where spirits are ture of the spine: scoliosis 0 cartil­ made: distillery odistilling appar­ age displaced in the spine: slipped atus: still 0 spirit distiled from grape disc 0 bundle of nerve fbres en­ refuse: grappa, marc 0 Chinese sorclosed in the spine: spinal cord 0 in­ ghum spirit: mao-tai 0 German flammation of the spinal cord: myeli­ potato gin: schnapps 0 Greek this 0 disease of the spinal cord: aniseed-favoured spirit: ouzo oIrish myelopathy 0congenital exposure of spirit distilled from malted grain: part of the spinal cord: spina bifida whiskey oMexican agave spirit: te­ o inflammation of the spinal joints: quila oMiddle-Eastern grain spirit: spondylitis 0 degeneration of the raki oRussian spirit made from rye, spinal disks: spondylosis 0 thera­ wheat, or potatoes: vodka 0Scottish peutic manipulation of the spinal col­ spirit distilled from malted grain: umn: chiropractic odenoting the whisky 0 Yugoslavian plum brandy: brain and spine: cerebrospinal slivovitz odenoting undiluted spir339 spiritualism I sport. French stew of shares may be traded: quotation meat and beans: cassoulet •French • denoting share transactions con­ fsh stew: bouillabaisse • spicy Hun­ ducted outside the stock exchange: garian stew: goulash kerb-market, over-the-counter see stick • thin stick with wire bristles also share for playing drums or cymbals: brush stocking. Chinese system of ther cognition • ability to think clearly: apy by pricking the skin with needles: lucidity • inability to think: mental acupuncture. Japanese system of block •engaged in deep thought: therapy by applying fnger pressure. Tibetan • involving three participants: trilat­ fag or wheel with inscribed prayers: eral prayer flag, prayer wheel. Tibetan Buddhist monk: lama • Tibetan Bud­ threedimensional •combining dhist monastery: lamasery • Tibetan fo rm: stereo• drawing of a three­ Buddhist mystic sylable: om. Ti­ dimensional object: stereogram betan religious scrol painting: tanka •mental perception of three­ • Tibetan Buddhist shrine: chorten dimensionality: stereocognosis. Turkish adminil to see over or round an obstacle: peri­ istrative district: vilayet •flat-woven . New York stock ex­ members: extramural • introductory change: Wall Stret • general index university course: foundation course of New York share prices: Dow Jones •university class for a small group: index seminar • long university essay: dis­ sertation, thesis •level of merit unity •pursuit of unity between all gained in a university examination: Christian churches: ecumenism class, honours • university aca­ universe • combining form: cosmodemic award: degree • university de­. Italian sparkling white wine: spu­ bottle 20 times normal size: nebu­ mante • Portuguese wine drunk chadnezzar • box containing a dozen while new: vinho verde • Spanish or bottles of wine: case • wine barrel: Portuguese red wine: tinto •denot­ butt, cask • type or batch of wine: ing a wine that is almost dry: off-dry cuvee • stock of wine: cellar •shop • denoting medium-dry wine: demi­ selling wine: vintner • study of sec •denoting a wine that is not wines: oenology sweet: dry, sec •denoting sparkling wing • combining form: ptero. Japanese syllabic writing: ing a awkward and hesitant style: kana • simplifed picture used to re­ present a word in certain ancient stilted. X-ray raphy • medical treatment by X-rays: or ultrasound picture of a section radiotherapy, radiation therapy through the body: tomogram • study of medical applications of. Roman name: Jupiter forms: palaeontology Zoroastrian • Zoroastrian scrip­ zigzag •zigzag course taken by a tures: Avesta •commentary upon vessel sailing into the wind: tacking, the Avesta: Zend •name of God in traverse Zoroastrianism: Ahura Mazda, Or­ zinc. Representing the Employers 1) Shri M V Nair (Member Banks) 2) Shri R Sridharan 3) Shri Narayanan Raja 4) Shri K Ramakrishnan 5) Shri B B Das 6) Shri Rajeev Rishi 7) Shri K Unnikrishnan 8) Shri M Venugopalan Duly authorised on behalf of the Indian Banks Association Representing the Workmen 1) Shri Rajen Nagar 2) Shri C H Venkatachalam 3) Shri N K Gaur 4) Shri P N Tewari 5) Shri Mahesh Mishra 6) Shri J P Sharma 7) Shri V R Utagi 8) Shri B S Rambabu 9) Smt. The Settlement dated nd 2 June 2005 was operational for a period of 5 years from 1st November 2002. It is agreed that for the purpose of this settlement, the additional cost of pension be shared equally between the parties at the rate as agreed to pension costed accordingly. Extending another option for pension to those who did not opt for th pension when Bank Employees Pension Regulations, 1995 dated 29 September 1995/ th 26 March 1996 were implemented was one of the issues to be considered. After several round of discussions and valuing the liability through an actuarial calculation, it is agreed to extend another option to join the pension scheme to those who did not opt th for pension when Bank Employees Pension Regulations, 1995 dated 29 September 4 th 1995/ 26 March 1996 were implemented, on the terms and conditions agreed and th incorporated in the Settlement dated 27 April 2010 signed between the parties. After preliminary discussions, the parties agreed to pursue the matter further after finalisation of this settlement, to reach a consensus. In respect of 46 Banks listed in Schedule 1 to this Memorandum of Settlement, except the State Bank of India, Indian Overseas Bank and Bank of Baroda, the provisions of the th th Sastry Award in Reference No. Scales of Pay nd (a) In supersession of Clause 4 of Bipartite Settlement dated 2 June 2005, with effect st from 1 November, 2007 the scales of pay shall be as under:Clerical Staff 400 500 600 700 6200 7400 8900 3 3 4 11300 7 1300 800 16200 17500 18300 1 1 (20 years) Subordinate Staff 200 250 300 8750 350 5500 6300 7550 4 5 4 3 9800 400 11000 (20 years) 3 7 st (b) With effect from 1 May 2010, the scales of pay shall be as under: Clerical Staff 400 500 600 700 7200 8400 9900 3 3 4 12300 7 1300 800 17200 18500 19300 (20 years) 1 1 Subordinate Staff 200 250 300 9100 350 5850 6650 7900 4 5 4 3 10150 400 11350 (20 years) 3 Note: (a) Fitment in the new scales of pay shall be on a stage-to-stage basis. Stagnation Increments nd In partial modification of Clause 5 of Bipartite Settlement dated 2 June 2005 both clerical and subordinate staff (including permanent part-time employees on scale wages) st shall be eligible for seven stagnation increments w. Provided that a clerical / subordinate staff (including permanent part-time employees on scale wages) already in receipt of six stagnation increments shall be eligible for the st seventh stagnation increment on 1 November 2007 or two years after receiving the sixth stagnation increment, whichever is later.


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Varieties of Aneurysm Degenerative—due to cenmox 500 mg with visa antibiotics for sinus infection list atherosclerosis generic cenmox 250mg amex bacteria resistant to antibiotics, the most common type of aneurysm: Intima replaced by brin 500mg cenmox with amex antimicrobial phone case. Traumatic—due to iatrogenic, catheter-related injury, or to penetrating trauma: Results in focal defect in wall; hemorrhage controlled by surrounding tissue. Poststenotic—from Bernoulli’s principle, occurs distal to cervical rib in thoracic outlet syndrome, distal to coarctation of aorta, or to aortic or pulmonary valvular stenosis. Dissecting—blood travels through an intimal defect, creating a false passageway between the intima and the inner two thirds of the media: If ruptures externally, patient exsanguinates. Of those who reach the Should be considered in patients who are elderly and/or have high ophospital alive, mortality erative risk due to a multitude of medical comorbidities. Benets compared to open repair: Shorter procedural time, hospital Mortality is further stay, and recovery time; recent evidence suggests improved mortality. Right angle retractor used to compress supraceliac aorta against complains of abdominal vertebrae so patient can be resuscitated by anesthesia. Hypogastric artery aneurysms may cause a pulsatile mass palpable on digital rectal examination. In pregnant women, iliac Untreated, 60% will lead to thrombosis or distal embolization, and 20% artery aneurysms are to amputation. Operation indicated if no serious comorbidity: Excision and interposibromuscular dysplasia. External iliac artery is On exam, mass, local pain, venous obstruction, embolism, thrombosis. One third of patients with Affects distal profunda femoris, popliteal, tibial, and digital arteries of the foot. Infection: Likely to be worse—gram negatives, gram positives, and anaerobes all potential culprits, in particular Peptococcus, Proteus, Bacteroides. Venous return depends on respiration: Inspiration causes descent of diaPerforators adjacent to phragm, increased intra-abdominal pressure, and decreased venous remedial malleolus are turn. Virchow’s triad: Stasis, blood abnormality, vessel endothelium injury (factors allowing thrombosis to occur). Screening warranted for younger patients or those with repeated occurthe supercial femoral vein rences. Laparoscopic surgery (7–10%): Intra-abdominal pressure > pressure of venous return from legs. Other: Trauma patients, malignancy, obesity, pregnancy, sepsis, prolonged immobility. Dysbrinogenemia: Fibrin resistance to plasmin proteolysis, abnormal brinogen, defective thrombin binding, increased blood viscosity. Duplex: Demonstrates thrombus, assesses compressibility of veins, analyzes venous ow. Limb loss secondary to arterial injury associated with lower extremity fracture > 40%. Twenty percent of patients with penetrating abdominal trauma will have major vascular injury. Submental lymph node Subcutaneous Goiter Lateral: emphysema plus airway Branchial cyst injury. Lymphadenitis Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma lymphoma with Carotid body tumor (paraganglioma) mediastinal mass Midline or lateral: causing airway Cystic hygroma compromise. Dermoid cyst Bilateral: Cervical lymphadenitis Paragangliomas in the neck Thyroglossal Duct Cyst and Sinus. Like Midline neck mass that arises from a remnant of the diverticulum that forms all paragangliomas, the when primitive thyroid tissue migrates from the foramen cecum at the base of Rule of 10 applies: 10% tongue down toward the hyoid bone. Most common form is second branchial cleft cyst that present at the anterior border of sternocleidomastoid muscle. May compress trachea or spread into the oor of mouth, causing upper airway obstruction. Osteotomy to remove abnormal cartilage with a temporary substernal strut to stabilize sternum until new cartilage forms. Surgery (osteotomy) after 6 years of age, usually for cosmetic purposes to avoid psychological distress in children not willing to wear braces. Can occur with or without esophageal atresia and usually involves a tracheoesophageal stula. Esophagus and trachea originate from a single diverticulum and divide at fth week of gestation.

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Longitudinal scan with and without color Doppler through the spleen (spl) visualizes the echogenic lateral aspect of the pancreatic tail (t) at the splenic hilum buy cenmox 500 mg low price antibiotic resistance reversal. Note the area of the splenic vein and artery (open arrows) and the neonatal left adrenal gland (arrowhead) order 250 mg cenmox mastercard bacteria names. Asking a cooperative child to buy cenmox 250mg cheap antibiotic with out a prescription exhale or push the tummy out for seconds may also help. It extends from the duodenal heads) seen during a subxiphoid transverse scan with minimal loop medially to the splenic hilum laterally and is located in the counterclockwise rotation. Note that the gastric contents (S) comma-shaped on transverse scans with a uniform echotexture may exhibit echogenicity similar to that of the neonatal pancreas. The pancreatic head (h), lateral to the superior mesenteric vein (V), contains the distal common bile duct (small open arrow). Important landmarks include the aorta (open arrowhead), inferior vena (white arrow), and superior mesenteric artery (A), etc. The pancreas consists of the head (which ends caudally and medially as the uncinate process), the isthmus (or neck), and the body and tail, with no clear distinction between them. The pancreatic head envelops the teardrop-shaped portal vein just at the junction of the splenic vein and superior mesenteric vein and extends caudally to wrap under the superior mesenteric vein as the uncinate process, which resembles a hook on transverse scans (Fig. This area is particularly important to examine because it includes the distal common bile duct and pancreatic duct and may reveal important pathology (Fig. A vascular landmark at this point is the gastroduodenal artery, which arises from the common hepatic artery and courses downward by the anterior surface of the pancreatic head or isthmus, parallel to the common bile duct (Fig. The neck or isthmus of the pancreas is the thinner part between the head and the body, anterior to the portal venous Fig. The pancreatic body lies posterior to the stomach (S) enable identification of all relevant to pancreatic the stomach or liver and anterior to the superior mesenteric ultrasound landmarks in order of importance: 1, aorta; 2, inferior vena artery. The superior mesenteric artery is anterior to the aorta cava; 3, superior mesenteric artery; 4, splenic vein; 4b, portal venous confluence; 5, gastric wall (arrowheads); D, duodenum; V, vertebra. The bifurcation of the celiac artery into the hepatic and splenic arteries resembles a seagull in flight and is an important vascular landmark for the upper part of the pancreatic body (Fig. The tail of the pancreas is located anterior to the splenic vein and extends to the splenic hilum (Fig. The common bile duct courses downward parallel to the gastroduodenal artery and posterior to the pancreatic head, and it may not be visible in children unless dilated (Fig. The pancreatic head (h) is near the duodenal loop (D) and wraps around the portal venous confluence (*). The superior mesenteric artery and surrounding echogenic fat form a doughnut posterior to the splenic vein (sv). The gastroduodenal artery, which runs anterior to the pancreatic head in a course similar to that of the common bile duct, is seen as an anechoic dot with a thin echogenic wall (open arrowhead). Ultrasound revealed areas of echogenicity in the gallbladder (not shown) following the administration of diuretics. The common bile duct is dilated (open arrowhead), and echogenicity representing choledocholithiasis (between cursors) is depicted in the two right panels. Note the gastroduodenal artery anteromedial to the pancreatic head (white arrowhead). Right: Three days following medical treatment, the jaundice resolved and the common bile duct (open arrowhead) was normal. The isthmus is visualized behind the pylorus and anterior to the splenoportal confluence. Note the similarity to the alternating hyperechoic serosa, hypoechoic muscular layer, and hyperechoic submucosa of the gastric wall (arrowheads). The hypoechoic muscular wall of the stomach should not be mistaken for the pancreatic duct, especially when the body is imaged obliquely and the gastric contents are isoechoic to the pancreas and may be erroneously mistaken for the pancreatic body (Fig. Note the visible diaphragmatic crus (arrowheads), the liver echogenicity as well, and not to mistake an isoechoic occasionally seen at this level. This structure simulates the pancreatic duct; however, it is located more anteriorly than the expected pancreatic duct and is adjacent to the gastric contents (g). The maximum oblique anteroposterior diameter of the tail (3) in a 10-year-old child. An important feature is the dierent echogenicity of the pos Knowledge of the vascular and nonvascular landmarks terior pancreatic head and uncinate process.

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