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By: Tina Lee Cheng, M.D., M.P.H.


A backbone pupil of Charcot discount finax 1mg otc treatment quadriceps pain, he was head of the Neurologi backbone / b kbn/ noun a series of cal clinic at Hopital de la Pitie finax 1 mg otc medicine ball, 1890–1927 buy generic finax 1 mg on-line symptoms 4 days post ovulation. Also called rachis, spine baby background carboxyhaemoglobin level baby / bebi/ noun a very young child who is background carboxyhaemoglobin level not yet old enough to talk or walk Babies / b k&rand k bksi hi m &lbn start to walk when they are about 12 months levl/ noun the level of carboxyhaemoglob old. Some types are permanently ing bald he is beginning to lose his hair present in the gut and can break down food tis baldness sue, but many can cause disease. Balkan frame spirochaetes, can move and reproduce very Balkan frame /b lkn frem/, Balkan rapidly. Pearson bed Bactrim ball Bactrim / b ktrm/ a trade name for co-tri ball /b l/ noun 1. After William Morrant teries 37 barrel chest balloon angioplasty barbiturate poisoning balloon angioplasty /b lu n nd i barbiturate poisoning /b btrt pl sti/ noun same as percutaneous angi pzn/ noun poisoning caused by an oplasty overdose of barbiturates balloon catheter barbotage balloon catheter /b lu n k t/ noun a barbotage /b b t / noun a method of tube that can be inserted into a blood vessel or spinal analgesia by which cerebrospinal fluid other body part and then inflated. After Gui a group of nerves near the carotid artery and do Banti (1852–1925), Florentine pathologist aortic arch, which senses changes in blood and physician. After Murray Llewellyn barbiturate Barr (1908–95), head of the Department of barbiturate /b btrt/ noun a sedative drug Anatomy at the University of Western Ontario, barbiturate abuse Canada. After Carl Adolph Basedow (1799–1854), barrier method general practitioner in Mersburg, Germany. It involves keeping them away from oth ture of the skin the two layers of skin, the in er patients and making sure that faeces and ner dermis and the outer epidermis 2. Also called greater ves the auditory nerve tibular glands [After Caspar Bartholin (1655– basilic 1748), Danish anatomist] basilic /b slk/ adjective important or prom basal inent basal / besl/ adjective located at the bot basilic vein basilic vein /b zlk ven/ noun a large tom of something, or forming its base vein running along the inside of the arm basal cell basin basal cell / besl sel/ noun a cell from the basin / besn/ noun a large bowl stratum germinativum. It was formerly used as a way bathe bathe /be/ verb to wash a wound He of testing thyroid gland activity. Also called blanket bath someone’s behaviour should be studied to dis bed blocker cover their psychological problems bed blocker / bed blk/ noun a patient behaviourist who does not need medical attention but con behaviourist /b hevjrst/ noun a psy tinues to stay in hospital because suitable care chologist who follows behaviourism is not available elsewhere behaviour therapy bed blocking behaviour therapy /b hevj erpi/ bed blocking / bed blk/ noun the fact of noun a form of psychiatric treatment in which people being kept in hospital because other someone learns how to improve their condi forms of care are not available, which means tion that other people cannot be treated Behcet’s syndrome bedbug Behcet’s syndrome / besets sndrm/ bedbug / bedb"&/ noun a small insect which noun a chronic condition of the immune sys lives in dirty bedclothes and sucks blood tem with no known cause, experienced as a se bed occupancy bed occupancy / bed kjpnsi/ noun the ries of attacks of inflammation of small blood percentage of beds in a hospital which are oc vessels accompanied by mouth ulcers and cupied sometimes genital ulcers, skin lesions and in bed occupancy rate flamed eyes [Described 1937. After Halushi Be bed occupancy rate /bed kjpnsi ret/ noun the number of beds occupied in a hospital hcet (1889–1948), Turkish dermatologist. Also called eructation mour belladonna Bennett’s fracture belladonna/ bel dn/ noun 1. After Edward Halloran Bennett (1837– belle indifference 1907), Irish anatomist, later Professor of Sur belle indifference/ bel n dfer ns/ noun an excessively calm state in a person, in a situ gery at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. After Sir benzoin / benzn/ noun a resin used to Charles Bell (1774–1842), Scottish surgeon. He make friar’s balsam benzyl benzoate ran anatomy schools, first in Edinburgh and then benzyl benzoate / benzl benzet/ noun in London. Professor of Anatomy at the Royal a colourless oily liquid which occurs naturally Academy. After Henry Bence Jones (1814–73), phy countries where the diet is mainly formed of white rice, which is deficient in thiamine. They are passed out lenses which have two types of lens combined of the body in stools or urine and return to wa in the same piece of glass, the top part being ter, where they lodge and develop in the water snail, the secondary host, before going back used for seeing at a distance and the lower part into humans. Also called choluria it has been introduced or with which it is biliverdin brought into contact biliverdin /bli v! After Christian Albert Theodore Billroth trol of the autonomic nervous system by some (1829–94), Prussian surgeon. After Alfred Binet (1857–1911), processes such as eating, defecating or sleep French psychologist and physiologist. Also called binocular /b nkjl/ adjective referring to the two eyes circadian rhythm binocular vision biological parent binocular vision /b nkjl v n/ biological parent /ba ld kl noun ability to see with both eyes at the same permt/ noun a parent who was physically time, which gives a stereoscopic effect and al involved in producing a child biologist lows a person to judge distances. Compare biologist /ba ld st/ noun a scientist who monocular specialises in biology binovular biology binovular /b nvjl/ adjective referring to biology /ba ld i/ noun the study of living twins who develop from two different ova organisms 43 birth parent biomaterial biomaterial /bam tril/ noun a syn production. Also calledmanic-depres substance in a living organism or biological sive illness, manic depression material such as blood or urine, usually to bipolar neurone bipolar neurone /ba pl njrn/ check environmental pollution or chemical ex noun a nerve cell with two processes, a den posure drite and an axon, found in the retina. Compare plant (informal) multipolar neurone, unipolar neurone bionics birth bionics /ba nks/ noun the process of ap birth /b!


Desmopressin responsiveness in children with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome associated bleeding symptoms generic finax 1mg with mastercard medicine rap song. Kyphoscoliosis is a combination of kyphosis and scoliosis in which the spine respectively makes an exaggerated curve backward and sideward; arthrochalasia means abnormal relaxation or floppiness of joints; and dermatosparaxis stands for sagging of skin and very fragile skin cheap finax 1 mg without prescription symptoms heart attack women. Clinically discount finax 1mg on line medicine vial caps, the appearance or phenotype of the kyphoscoliotic type is severe muscle hypotonia (floppiness) at birth, fragile, easily bruisable skin and generalized joint laxity, accompanied by kyphoscoliosis. The diagnostic tests for these types will be described, together with a differential diagnosis. Amino-acid analysis of skin collagen showed a marked decrease of 5-hydroxylysine to approximately 5% of control and an assay of lysyl hydroxylase activity showed it to be decreased to 10% of control. As these amino-acid and enzyme levels were normal in the clinically unaffected family members, an autosomal recessively inherited disorder was 5-7 suspected. Lysyl hydroxylase plays an important role as a post-translational modifying enzyme in collagen biosynthesis exemplified by the fact that the hydroxylated side chains can both serve as attachment sites for galactose or glucosylgalactose and can also participate in cross-link formation with hydroxylysine and lysine side chains in collagen telopeptide (non-helical) sequences. Below the line, the effects of point mutations, insertions, and deletions on the amino acid sequence are shown; ‡ represents mutations that produce downstream premature termination codons. The newborns with available neonatal history are generally described as floppy, with a weak cry, difficulty in Kyphoscoliotic, arthrochalasia and dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos syndrome 101 sucking, and delayed motor development. In infants, the observed muscle hypotonia accompanied by muscle weakness contributes to the phenotype of the floppy infant syndrome. As this has the characteristics of a neuromuscular disorder, extensive neuromuscular work-ups are often initially carried out to give normal results. Bruising occurs easily in all patients and, in about 50% of cases, bruising is severe. Kyphoscoliosis is generally present at birth and is progressive and severe in most cases examined, Figure 7-3. As the vertebral bodies are structurally normal, the scoliosis is attributed to muscular hypotonia together with laxity of ligaments and is often resistant to external bracing. As reported in 3 cases, adults with severe kyphoscoliosis are at risk for complications from restrictive lung disease, recurrent pneumonia, cardiac insufficiency and early death. It can lead to retinal detachment and bleeding and rupture of the globe, rather than of the cornea as in the brittle cornea syndrome 14 after minor trauma. One patient died at 51 years with symptoms typical of dissecting aneurysm of the aorta and her brother had a 15 cerebral accident in the distribution of the right middle cerebral artery at age 19, and a third 16 patient died of arterial rupture at age 14. Maternal and perinatal mortality in pregnancy has been reported in a case of kyphoscoliosis. Arg703X) had a total of seven pregnancies resulting in three miscarriages and four healthy children, three of whom were born vaginally at term and the fourth was born at 24 weeks; there were no maternal Steinmann, Rosser and Giunta, unpublished complications. Life span is markedly shortened because of arterial rupture and cardiopulmonary insufficiency due to severe kyphoscoliosis. This family was the first in which the disorder was characterized at the molecular level. Because of joint instability, arthrodesis of the lower ankle joint was required 2 years later. There are currently 30 patients diagnosed with this disorder on 18,19,20,21 a molecular level which are known to the authors (26 of them have been published). All affected individuals are reported to have muscle hypotonia at birth and delayed gross motor development, progressive scoliosis either congenital or of later onset, joint 21 hypermobility, hyperelastic skin, myopathy and hearing impairment. Because of severe early onset muscle hypotonia and delayed motor development, affected children usually undergo extensive neuromuscular workup in the neonatal period. However, symptoms of congenital hypotonia and weakness may improve with age during childhood. Reduced motor function 9,19 and fatigue in adulthood was only reported in 2 adult patients and might represent an age dependent feature in the natural course of the disorder. In 7 patients prominent congenital contractures of fingers, wrist, elbows or knees have been 21 described and amelioration was documented in half of the affected. Occasional features underlying systemic connective tissue involvement have been described such as subdural hygroma (potentially due to subdural bleeding or spontaneous intracranial hypotension), bluish sclerae, bladder diverticula, inguinal or umbilical herniae, and premature 21 rupture of membranes. Met48Lys mutation after surgical correction of the progressive severe scoliosis; joint hypermobility, congenital talipes and pes planus; (b) 4 year-old boy with severe kyphoscoliosis (onset at 6 months of age) and postural talipes; (c) Micrognathia at age 1 year, skin hyperextensibility valgus position of the foot and hallux varus; (d) Pes planovalgus and rocker bottom feet; small joint hypermobility; (e) 8 year-old girl presenting with pectus excavatum; (f) Girl aged 9 years with contracture of the elbows, kyphoscoliosis, pes planovalgus and follicular hyperkeratosis. A disease incidence of approximately 1:100,000 live births is a reasonable estimate. The hydroxylysine groups of collagen have at least two important functions: their hydroxy groups are essential for the stability of the intermolecular collagen cross-links that provide tensile strength to most soft tissues and bone, and they serve as attachment sites for galactose or glucosylgalactose.

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Hematopoietic Cell Karyotyping Medium should be kept this medium is particularly effective for karyotyping of frozen at -20C finax 1mg with visa medicine 223. Peripheral blood cells from three patients serum purchase 1mg finax with visa medications by class, antibiotics (gentamicin) and conditioned medium cheap 1 mg finax with amex conventional medicine. The hematopoietic cell karyotyping method was developed to provide information about chromosomal abnormalities. Figure: the mitotic index of peripheral blood myeloid In the presence of a conditioned medium, acute and leukemic cells in culture with or without conditioned chronic nonlymphocytic leukemic cells in bone marrow medium. After treatment by hypotonic solution, fxation and staining, chromosomes can be microscopically observed and evaluated for abnormalities. Remove the supernatant, agitate the cellular sediment Days in Culture and add drop-by-drop 5-10ml of fresh, ice-cold fxative made up of 1 part acetic acid to 3 parts methanol. The mechanism also reduces Preparation of separation tubes is time consuming the length of centrifugation time required for separation of and their application is technically diffcult. Principal areas requiring lymphocyte assessment • Time saver, quick and easy sample filling. The most commonly used procedure is for separation of the For laboratories that have stocks of Ficoll or Lymphoprep, mononuclear cells by density gradient centrifugation of whole the tubes can be ordered empty for charging with separation blood. This latter method requires considerable allows the blood sample to be poured directly into the tube practice and is not recommended for beginners. After Due to the extreme care that must be exercised when pipetting centrifugation, if desired, the upper lymphocyte-containing blood on to the separation medium, alternative methods fraction may be poured off without risk of contamination have been devised. In one such procedure a sample of the from the erythrocytes, which are trapped under the insert. This method creates cleaner interfaces than those obtained when blood is layered over the Ficoll, since there is less disturbance of the surface of the Ficoll and less mixing. Unique density gradient separation of lymphocytes from whole blood Density gradient centrifugation of whole blood on a polysucrose sodium metrizoate medium is the method of choice for isolation of lymphocytes. It is this mass of cells that during the centrifugation procedure displaces the sodium metrizoate – polysucrose so that it rises above the centrifugation device to form a density layer at which the white cells collect. In cases where sufficient red cells are not present, the sodium metrizoate polysucrose interface forms at or even below the level of the separation device. Diluted whole blood, buffy coat (enriched white cell fraction), bone marrow, lymph and spinal fluid are all examples of this type of biological fluids. When there is not sufficient red cell mass in the sample itself to displace the sodium metrizoate polysucrose to the required level, extra mass must be added. Buffy Booster, a dense inert liquid, immiscible in water, is added prior to centrifugation. Any red blood cells present form a sedimentation layer on top of the Buffy Booster (the red cell layer and Buffy Booster do not mix). The volume of sodium metrizoate polysucrose displaced upwards is equal to the combined volumes of the Buffy Booster and the sedimented red cells. No contamination with red cells or Buffy Booster is possible even when the whole upper plasma layer is poured off. The red cells do not pass the separation device, while the Buffy Booster is blocked in by the red cell layer. Centrifuge Tube Separation Medium Diluted Blood (1:1) Undiluted Blood Packaging 01-899-U0 1 2ml Up to 8 X 107cells 10 Tubes/box For the preparation of T and B cells fractions: Uni-sorb nylon wool column. Centrifuge Tube Separation Medium Diluted Blood (1:1) Undiluted Blood Packaging to be added 01-899-U03 15ml 2ml 4 8 ml 2 4 ml 30 Tubes/Box 01-899-U05 15ml 3ml 4-11 ml 2 5. Procedures carried out at of the polysucrose sodium metrizoate is indicated by the lower temperature may require longer centrifugation. Each of the proteins contains Potassium Chloride, 12-005-1B 100ml a family of fve isolectins, each being a tetramer held 0. The time of exposure will depend on cell density and type of specimen, whether on slides or Product Name Cat. Generally, the type of hypotonic treatment is determined empirically in a particular laboratory and Colcemid Solution, 12-004-1D 10ml may need to be modifed from time to time.

R eferto primary care ph ysicianforsystemicevaluation(wh en Ifatfollowup buy generic finax 1 mg online treatment yeast infection child,th e anteriorch amberreactionisimproving discount finax 1mg without a prescription 714x treatment for cancer,th e clinician indicated) may continue orreduce medications order 1mg finax with amex treatment lung cancer,dependingonth e severity ofth e initialreaction. Duringtapering,th e cliniciansh ould observe th e patientforsignsofincreased inflammation. C ompliance with th e th erapeuticregimenand keepingall * A daptedfrom C ataniaL J. N orwalk,C T: followupappointmentsare essentialto ach ieve th e th erapeuticgoals. TheCareProcess27 Th e optometristsh ould advise th e patientofth e potentialside effectsof long-term corticosteroid use. Itisimportantth atth isadvice be well-documented inth e medicalrecord,and th e patientsh ould be reminded periodically th rough outth e course oftreatment. Prognosis M ostcasesofanterioruveitisrespond favorably to early diagnosisand treatment. Th erefore,both th e clinicianand patientmustbe alert forsignsofrecurrence and reinstitute th erapy promptly. C linicalfeatures Th e optometristplaysanimportantrole inth e ongoingcare ofth e patient ofacute anterioruveitis. U veitis: many diseases,one cases,regularoptometricexaminationsare essentialto preservingeye diagnosis. O ph th almologicalscreeningin juvenile arth ritis:sh ould th e frequency ofscreeningbe based on th e risk ofdevelopingch roniciridocyclitis Efficacy and safety of rimexolone 1% oph th almicsuspensionvs1% prednisolone acetate 17. Signsand symptomsof ch ildh ood iridocyclitiswith nonsteroidalanti-inflammatory drugs. W B C W h ite blood cells Appendix39 40AnteriorU veitis M ydriasis Dilationofth e pupil. O ph th almoscopy Examinationofth e interiorofth e eye,usingan illuminationsystem involvingth e ligh tsource,lenses,and aprism or V augh anD,A sbury T,R iordon-EvaP. Posterior subcapsular cataractL ossoftransparency ofth e eye orits capsule involvingth e cortexatth e posteriorofth e pole ofth e lens. Synech ia A nadh esionofth e iristo th e cornea(periph eralanterior synech ia)orlens(posteriorsynech ia). V isualacuity Th e clearnessofvisionth atdependsuponth e sh arpness offocusofth e retinalimage and th e integrity ofth e retinaand visual path way. Th e W illseye manual: office and emergency room diagnosisand treatmentofeye diseases,2nd ed. The exam may require recognition of common as well as rare clinical problems for which patients may consult a certified critical care medicine specialist. The primary medical content categories of the blueprint are shown below, with the percentage assigned to each for a typical exam: Medical Content Category % of Exam Renal, Endocrine, and Metabolic Disorders 15. Exam format the exam is composed of multiple-choice questions with a single best answer, predominantly describing patient scenarios. Questions ask about the work done (that is, tasks performed) by physicians in the course of practice: • Making a diagnosis • Ordering and interpreting results of tests • Recommending treatment or other patient care • Assessing risk, determining prognosis, and applying principles from epidemiologic studies • Understanding the underlying pathophysiology of disease and basic science knowledge applicable to patient care Clinical information presented may include various media illustrating relevant findings, such as diagnostic imaging studies. Some questions require interpretation of pictorial material, such as pressure tracings, ultrasound scans, magnetic resonance imaging scans, electrocardiograms, radiographs, computed tomograms, radionuclide scans, and photomicrographs. Renal, Endocrine, and Metabolic Disorders 15% of Exam Sodium-water balance 2% Hyponatremia Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion Cerebral salt wasting Psychogenic polydipsia Hypothyroidism Iatrogenic Exercise-induced 2 Hypernatremia Central diabetes insipidus Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus Osmotic diuresis Primary hypodipsia Dehydration Gastrointestinal fluid losses Hypervolemia Hypovolemia Potassium disorders <2% Hyperkalemia Pseudohyperkalemia Drug-induced Adrenal insufficiency Renal tubular acidosis Hypokalemia Vomiting Diarrhea Renal losses Drug-induced Renal tubular acidosis Acid-base disorders 4. When diarrhea decreases, you may have small amounts of whole grain foods and higher-fiber fruits and vegetables. Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Nutrition Therapy – Page 1 Recommended Foods these foods are recommended for people with diarrhea and abdominal pain. Lactose intolerance powdered or low-fat milk causes symptoms after drinking regular Smooth, nonfat or low-fat milk or eating foods made from milk. Strained vegetable juice Fruits Fruit juice without pulp • Choose canned fruit in juice or light (except prune juice) syrup. Heavy syrup has lots of sugar, Ripe banana or melons which may make diarrhea worse.

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