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  • 12 Feb 2024 8:56 AM
    Message # 13314254
    Josh Friedman (Administrator)

    How is your practice?  I've created this form for my students to answer:


    when did you start playing guitar?

    what is your lifetime goal for playing guitar?

    what is your goal one year from now?        

    what is your goal 6 months from now?

    what is your goal 2 weeks from now?

    what is your goal 1 week from now?

    what is your goal in the next 24 hours?

    what was your goal 1 week ago? 

    what was your goal 2 weeks ago? 

    what was your goal 1 year ago? 



    Do you feel that you are receiving the music you want in your lessons?    Y   /   N

    The amount of music that you would like to receive?    More  /  Less  /  Just Right

    Coach...  who is your coach? who is rooting for you?  Parent? Spouse? Friend?

    Do you receive positive encouragement at home to practice?    Y   /   N

    Does your coach know what you are practicing?    Y   /   N

    Does your coach know your goals?    Y   /   N

    Is your coach around when you practice?     Y   /   N

    Do they listen and give you feedback?    Y   /   N

    You the guitarist...

    Do you enjoy practicing?    Y   /   N

    Are you practicing the music you get in your lessons?    Y   /   N


    What is your typical practice schedule for the week...

    Is your practice schedule a regular routine, day and time?    Y   /   N

    How many practice sessions do you have in one day?   1   /   2    /   3 or more

    how much time in each session?   5 - 15 min  /  15 - 30 min  /  30 - 45 min  /   more

    to match your goals, how much practice do you need....

    Take time to write out your ideal schedule below:








    to the best of your knowledge, write out your actual schedule:









    what do you practice...

    RH technique (Velocity, Rasgueados, Arpeggios with open strings)    Y   /   N

    LH technique (Finger Independence, Hammer-ons, Pull Offs)    Y   /   N

    Coordination (Scales, Arpeggios, Patterns)    Y   /   N

    Sight Reading (Standard Notation, Tablature, Guitar at Sight book)    Y   /   N

    Ear Training (Listening to a recording and playing it on the guitar)    Y   /   N

    Critical Listening (Using headphones)    Y   /   N

    Studies/Etudes/Little Pieces    Y   /   N

    Repertoire/Songs&Solos/Big Pieces   Y   /   N

    Do you improvise, compose, make up songs?    Y   /   N

    Do you follow a specific routine (i.e. 15 min technique, 15 min repertoire)?    Y   /   N


    do you have a practice room/space that is dedicated to practicing?    Y   /   N

    Is your practice space always setup and ready for you?   Y   /   N  

    are there distractions in your space (TV, people, phone/computer)?    Y   /   N

    Do you play while watching TV/phone/computer?    Y   /   N

    do you have a music stand?    Y   /   N        

    do you have a sturdy guitar stand?    Y   /   N


    does your practice match your goals?      Y   /   N

    Do tell...

    anything that you would change to make your practice more productive and enjoyable?

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